A report on the bill and melinda gates foundation

The foundation reserves a license to IP Rights that arise from your project where we deem it necessary to ensure that either the foundation or a sub-licensee has the IP Rights necessary for the development, manufacture, and distribution of foundation-funded advancements to targeted markets to achieve Global Access.

Global development division[ edit ] This section needs additional citations for verification. The foundation also takes a pragmatic approach to the management of IP Rights. Phase appropriate, plans and intentions for further development of foundation-funded innovations.

The Gates Cambridge Scholarship has often been compared to the Rhodes Scholarshipgiven its similarly international scope and substantial endowment. Previous responses are captured, providing the ability to quickly update your responses.

A trend analysis from - 11 September Enables researchers to publish any research outputs they want to share, supporting reproducibility and transparency Uses an open research publishing model: Answers to In-Process IP Reports are saved, allowing for completion over multiple seasons and contribution or review by multiple individuals to assure complete and accurate responses.

The frequency of IP Reports will ultimately depend on the activities to be undertaken on your specific project. Provides a context for Global Access commitments between you and the foundation. Inthe Foundation decided to refocus its WASH effort mainly on sustainable sanitation services for the poor, using non-piped sanitation services i.

We also recognize that free market forces will not take care of our target beneficiaries. How do the Global Access commitments we have made relate to the license rights the foundation has taken.

Follow her mnickelsburg The GeekWire Summit: Will the foundation assert ownership of our pre-existing IP that we use in a foundation-funded project i. Partnerships enable us to draw on the unique talents, resources, and know-how of industry, academia, and the public sector to better serve our intended beneficiaries.

Will the foundation own the IP that results from our foundation-funded project. It can also impede the absorption of life-saving vaccines. Why does the foundation require IP Reports. In this way, IP can incentivize partners from all sectors in both the development of a product and in the delivery of that product.

If so designated by the Principal Investigator or Primary Contact, your IP Contact will have access to the Global Access portal to review, edit, and submit responses on your behalf about IP related to your project.

The foundation seeks a level of detail sufficient to identify IP Rights and related agreements to ensure proper establishment and monitoring of Global Access commitments. The goal of the aid was to support the increasing world demand for rice. How will the information be used.

As part of Global Access, the collaborators also agree that any new TB drugs developed as a result of TBDA activities will be made available and accessible at an affordable cost to the people most in need within developing countries.

By focusing on improving education through innovation — and by building on and sharing effective tools, strategies and standards — educators, school leaders, and non-profit partners across the country can transform U. Charitable Markets and Commercial Opportunities We recognize that many of our investments will result in new technologies, and that these technologies may well have applications for wealthy as well as poor markets.

No, the foundation will not assert ownership of pre-existing IP used in a foundation-funded project. For us, that's where the real results lie. An important part of these strategies is the management of any Intellectual Property that arises from the work we fund.

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

A Technology is comprised of basic identifying information: The use, incorporation, development and access to Background IP. Why is the foundation asking about pre-existing IP. An IP Contact is the person to whom you delegate authority to represent your organization in IP-related issues.

Collaborative Facilitates a structured discussion within your own organization such as with your Technology Transfer Office, outside counsel, or collaborators to ensure common understanding of foundation requirements. Chronic diarrhea can also hinder child development by impeding the absorption of essential nutrients that are critical to the development of the mind, body, and immune system.

Authors select their own referees and control the process. All of the existing first-line drugs for treatment of TB are at least 40 years old, and a strict daily regimen for six to nine months is required to cure the disease. This information is collected for foundation use only and on a non-confidential basis.

At the suggestion of an African manufacturer and distributor, the PICS brand was trademarked to provide a consistent, recognizable indicator of quality and effectiveness against pests and to encourage increased adoption. Identification of Background IP and specific strategies to ensure sufficient access to that Intellectual Property.

Provides a full view of the current boundaries of IP associated with your foundation-funded project. What role does Intellectual Property play in the foundation's approach to furthering Global Access.

Intellectual Property provides a great opportunity to think creatively and strategically about how we can reach our ultimate beneficiaries. As long as the license you grant to a third party does not interfere with your Global Access commitments of ensuring the availability and accessibility of products or services in terms of cost, quantity, supply or delivery to our intended beneficiaries, such commercial activities are consistent with our approach to IP and philosophy on the sharing of knowledge and new technologies.

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation started Goalkeepers last year because, despite remarkable advances in the fight against poverty, inequality and disease, the job is not yet finished. Progress is possible, but it is not inevitable and that’s why Goalkeepers was designed.

Melinda Gates speaks with representatives at a mosque in Senegal. (Gates Foundation Photo / Frederic) Reducing global poverty and improving health is the axis around which the Bill and Melinda.

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation started Goalkeepers last year because, despite remarkable advances in the fight against poverty, inequality and disease, the job is not yet finished.

Progress is possible, but it is not inevitable and that’s why Goalkeepers was designed. Co-chairs, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation The stories behind the data We usually express our optimism by highlighting some of the recent mind-blowing improvements in the human condition—like the fact that advances in medicine have saved 50 million lives just since we started our foundation in Measures of Effective Teaching Project Releases Final Research Report Findings Help Inform Design andImplementation of High-Quality Feedback and Evaluation Systems Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.


At the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Discovery Center, you’ll find stories of work that is improving lives, from Seattle to South Africa. Plan a visit 5th Ave N.

A report on the bill and melinda gates foundation
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Annual Report - Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation